About Us

“The IT world is full of companies and experts looking for the right match. We are supporting both of them!”


Brusch Services represents a software company with over 9 years of experience in software services, IT projects, outsourcing and nearshoring, with
clients in Romanian market and abroad. A “process oriented” company for software & services, business analysis, design, development, integration,
support, deployment, maintenance and testing.


Being present on the Romanian market since 2006 has allowed the founders of the Company, on one hand side to remember the common traits with
the Romanian people and share the positive feed-backs about a constant growing business environment and, on the other hand side, to bring new
experiences from abroad into building a stable IT Sourcing/Outsourcing and Consulting company.
The BRUSCH experience started 10 years ago when the concept of a flexible and trustworthy company came into place, based on the new business
opportunities offered by the entrance of Romania into the European Union and on the already project' & partnership' experienced predecesor.
The changes triggered by the work legislation, determined changes in the company as well and thus, created a proper environment for a new
member of the top management team. Our General Manager located on ground directly in Bucharest, Romania comes with a large experience in
Sales and IT, adding value to our constantly developing team.


At Brusch Services we believe to be a large family. We are close to all our employees and we have always been like this. BRUSCH SERVICES is
a Romanian company that functions predominately as a provider of IT-Sourcing, Nearshoring and Consulting services. At the same time,
BRUSCH SERVICES supports IT companies entering the Romanian market by providing a proven experience in the field and a personalized solution
in the field. Our key function is supporting companies in filling vacant positions for specific projects by using and extensive and carefully created
network of experts in the fields of testing, software and web development, business analysis, embedded electronics and automotive. Remote solutions,
such as moving software development or testing activities from other countries to Romania, are equally possible and we are able to provide the
necessary legal logistics in this direction.
Our values reach the highest expectations and strive to show every partner and future collaborator that we invest the best in our relation-ship:
respect, flexibility and trust!
Our priority is the success of both businesses and that is one of the reasons why we encourage long-term partnerships distinguished by
professionalism and transparency, internally as well as externally.
An open communication, a flexible business model and a philosophy of delivering quality services lie at the heart of our enterprise and represent
the basis of our success.